Wide fit shoes: daily battles and finding fashionable styles that fit

Feet. Not most people’s favourite body part and I have to say they are certainly not mine. After years of struggling to find pretty wide fit shoes for my broad feet, divine intervention occurred with my prayers answered by none other than the high street’s favourite, Dorothy Perkins.

It's not that I have awkward feet - I prefer the term pedally-challenged. If I was male I would probably boast about their girth but broad feet are not on most women's wish lists.

At work, I cast envious glances at the works of art cradling my colleagues' standard width feet. However, as I am frequently reminded by a certain female family member who has normal width, but size 8 1/2 feet, I could have it much worse.

That Sex and the City episode

Yes, but watching Sex and the City as a teenager was pure torture. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha strutted the streets of New York in stunning Jimmy Choos and Louboutins - shoes I knew I could never wear.

In fact, does anyone remember that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte crosses paths with Buster, a foot fetishist with the perfect job - a high-end shoe salesman?

Wide fit shoes Sex and The City Charlotte

For those of you who haven’t seen it or don’t want to, Charlotte becomes embroiled in a sordid symbiotic relationship with Buster - he enjoys worshipping her feet and fitting her shoes, whilst she receives increasingly hefty discounts and even a free pair of shoes. All is going swimmingly until Buster appears to climax whilst assisting with her sixth pair of the day.

I'm sure I could have gotten over the awkwardness and taken them off her hands (or feet). But obviously my fat feet wouldn't have fit into them anyway and I doubt even the most desperate, toe-starved foot fetishist would get pleasure from mine!

Wide fit shoes for women

No, I had accepted long ago that I was doomed to a life of too-chunky Mary Janes and huge, unflattering clodhoppers. Because, if you have broad feet you clearly want to put on awful shoes that make them look even wider.

As a modern woman, how can you conquer the world that is supposedly at your feet in a pair of shoes that resemble German U-Boats? The answer is clearly that you can’t, nor should you be expected to.

Cute small person feet

The absence of panache in many wide fit shoe designs comes as no surprise - as their descriptions confirm, they have been created for substance rather than style. “Secret hidden comfort with extra support ” - they’re not sports bras for the well-endowed! I despair.

Dorothy Perkins wide fit court shoes to the rescue

Thankfully, this is where Dorothy Perkins saved my soul (or should it be sole?) with their gorgeous wide fit pointed court shoes in blue.

But wait, wide fit pointed court shoes is oxymoronic, is it not? I understand you confusion.

As a child I would look at the very same shoes and interrogate my mum with persistent questions: "Do women have to cut their toes off to get into those shoes?" “Like the witches in Roald Dahl’s book?” Oh how times have changed.

Dororthy Perkins wide fit pointed court shoes

Gorgeous, suedelike and in the most beautiful powder blue, I'm sure you can see why I have fallen in love. They're comfortable too - after a day of strutting around the office where I was now the object of shoe envy, they fared pretty well, despite their 4 inch heel.

I love them so much I may (definitely) decide to return for the other colours – nude, classic black and mint green. 

And the best news of all, is that the black and nude are reduced to £17.50 in the Dorothy Perkins sale - an absolute steal. There's also tonnes of choice in the sale for standard width shoes at the moment, too.

So what are you waiting for? Ladies, put your best foot forward, head to your nearest Dorothy Perkins store and get your hands on - and feet into- these before someone else does! After all, if the shoe fits – wear it. And buy it in EVERY colour.


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