Review: Schuh Game On Gladiator Sandals

Whilst not strictly wide fit shoes by design or intention, I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of gladiator sandals from Schuh that certainly fit the wide fit-friendly bill and therefore deserve a review and your consideration.

Review Schuh Gladiator Sandals

If you've read my previous blog post about finding wide fit shoes that fit yet are fashion-forward, you will know that I have long lamented the choice currently available to the 21st Century woman on the high street.

Because of this, I always anticipate the approach of summer with a certain degree of dread. Warmer weather means open-toed shoes - my wide feet out for the world to see in flip-flops, sandals and wedges, instead of the cosseted concealment provided by boots in the colder months. Shudder.Yet I feel I must toe the line (please forgive the awful pun).

Summer shoes are notoriously tricky for those with wide feet - how to avoid the dreaded overspill of feet in strappy sandals like the overspill of an ample muffin top in a pair of skinny jeans?

Strappy sandals are deceptive- the spaces left in between straps look like they should provide more than enough room for wide feet, but in reality there is often less room than in normal shoes as your feet are garrotted by the straps. Leaving behind those attractive trellis-like red marks, not unlike the marks left on your back by the underwire of a too-tight bra when removing it at the end of a long day.

Solving the sandals saga - Schuh 

Schuh Gladiator Sandals Bronze

But, fellow friends with wide feet, I have found a solution to this sandals saga. Schuh's Game On gladiator sandals. As you can see in the photos, the secret is the adjustable laces. Just like with a comfy pair of trainers, you can let them out before you pop them on and then tighten them up as desired. And best of all, no overspill!
The stunning metallic sandals caught my eye on a recent weekend in London and though I was too shy to try them on in front of the sales assistant, I went straight home, ordered them online and got them delivered within a couple of days thanks to Schuh's speedy delivery service.
Schuh Game On Gladiator Sandals Black
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If metallic isn't your thing, these sandals also come in tan and black - I liked my metallic ones so much that I just had to get them, in black, too - you can't go wrong with black gladiator sandals!

The weather has been glorious this week but my gladiator sandals got their first proper outing last weekend on a work trip to Cyprus. I'll be fiercely challenging my inner Russell Crowe next week as I pound the sidewalks of New York and Boston on my holiday.

Test me.


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