A Brilliant August Bank Holiday Weekend

I love August Bank Holiday Weekend. 

I'm not sure whether this is because it feels like the last "free" day off work until Christmas (read: not coming out of your pot of annual leave), or if it's because it also feels like one of the last days of summer and everyone is in high spirits; determined to make the most of it come rain or shine. 

Either way, we were lucky on 2016's August Bank Holiday weekend as the sun did indeed shine. A lot - it was perfect. In fact, my weekend was full of all the P's: productivity, partying, Pride, piercings, peace and parks.

Friday night was spent meeting my cousin who was over in Manchester for work and having several drinks at some West Didsbury’s finest drinking establishments (The Met, Folk, Volta, Hula) as well as a delicious curry at Namaste Nepal on Burton Road. I love that place, but I did warn him that their curries tend to be on the spicy side My cousin ploughed on regardless and I think his Chicken Madras took him by surprise judging by the speed he got through his beer.

On Saturday morning, I dragged my fragile head out of bed and went to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – got my belly button re-pierced. I can hear some of you sneering already probably thinking I’m too old but I should emphasise I was getting it done having first gotten it done when I was 15. It was fine for a few years, but then I think me following the trend for dangly belly bars (Playboy bunnies for fifteen year old girls are totes appropriate, obviously) messes it up a bit and it got stretched so I had to take it out. Unfortunately I was left with a  bit of a scar that I've been super-paranoid about. So five years later and four stone lighter - now seemed like the perfect time to get it done again. I was very brave.

Newly pierced, I headed into Manchester for what was a real highlight of the summer - being part of Manchester Pride. It's such a phenomenal event and it was an absolute privilege to be ale to be part of it after spectating for so many years. It gets bigger and better every year and it makes me super-proud of my home city.

After a few post-parade pints with a friend from university, I headed back to get ready for the evening's entertainment - a Ratpack night ("dress to impress" at The Albert Club, West Didsbury. Much prosecco was consume whilst eating scrummy food and listening to the old-style crooner. W even tried our hand at the "casino" tables but sadly - and inevitably - came away empty-handed.

I popped over to Nottinghamshire with my Dad to see my Grandma on Sunday. Her name is Iris, she's 95 in October and is absolutely amazing - honestly if I can be anything like her when I'm that age I'll be a very happy girl. #PrayingForThoseGenetics 

 Monday morning was extremely productive for me - I'd recently put up a load of clothes on eBay so my flat resembled a production line with me packaging and labelling over twenty parcels. You can imagine I was not popular with Royal Mail at The Post Office on Tuesday, but it feels so good to de-clutter and make a bit of money on the side to pay off South Africa.

We then headed to Bem Brazil in Altrincham for a rather heavy late lunch before walking some of it off at Chorlton Water Park in the sunshine. A perfect end to the weekend.


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