Can I not buy any clothes for one month?

For some of you, this will sound like a pretty pathetic challenge I've set myself. For others, who are more like me, I'm hoping you'll be thinking a mixture of "Ooh, it'll be tricky", What is her plan?" and "Go girl - you can do it!"

Whatever your stance, this is my challenge: to go one whole month without buying any clothes. 

The craftiest amongst you will have realised that I have set myself this goal in the shortest month of the year, February. And it's not a leap year. I promise this is just coincidence. Honest.

So why do I need to not buy any clothes for a month?

There's the standard wardrobe, two stand-alone clothes rails and chest of drawers bursting at the seams. There's the never-ending cycle of sorting through clothes, selling them, taking them to charity shops but somehow not making a dent in the storage space. And of course there's the crippling effect on my bank balance and several moments where I've received a parcel and either a) forgotten I've ordered anything b) have no idea what it is.

How has it gotten this bad?

I honestly have no idea. I'm like a lot of girls - I just love clothes. I've also dropped about four dress sizes over the past year and a bit so had nothing that fit me and wanted to treat myself. Granted that was a legitimate excuse for a while, but it's just not any more.

I've also recently gotten back into the pinup / vintage look so longed to fill my wardrobe with circle skirts, cute dresses, high-waisted jeans and the like again.

Does it need to be this "drastic?"

Well it's drastic for me. And yes. It's well-documented that shopping is an addiction like any other. And whilst I'm not saying I'm *that* bad and this is no Confessions of a Shopaholic blog, I have experienced a lot of guilt afterwards and exhibit some of the classic signs of addiction.

I did try just buying things from charity shops for a while last year which certainly helped a little financially but then the hunt for a bargain became addictive itself and the cost soon added up. Buying some clothes - cheap and ethical or not - is worse than buying none at all.

The plan?

So this is where we are. The plan is simple. Though I have given myself some small exceptions which include anything I have to buy for any musical / production I am in at the moment such as new dance tights etc, as well as any basics such as socks, etc. that need replacing due to wear.

I'll be avoiding going into any shops where I will be tempted (this includes charity shops), will stay off Ebay and Depop (except to sell my own stuff) and the newest temptation, those equally evil and amazing Pinup Buy and Sell Facebook groups.

So that's it. Wish me luck. Will let you know how I get on. Would love to hear any tips from anyone who has done anything similar recently.


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