About me

Welcome to my little blog – thank you for stopping by.

I’m Alex, a twenty-something Digital Marketing Manager muddling my way through life just like the rest of you. 

Why did I start this blog?
After years of broken promises to myself, I finally got myself sorted and voila, Alex Herself was born. I spend a large part of my day job writing and editing web pages, but until now my personal writing has been taking a back seat. I like writing a bit about everything - be it the bizarre, my thoughts and observations on everyday life and pretty things. There may even be a bit of travel on here, though it's likely to be more budget than bling.

Why should you read this blog?
There are thousands of blogs out there already in the over-crowded blogosphere and mine doesn’t promise to be anything radical or special. However, if you appreciate sarcasm, a bit of self-deprecating humour and the weird and wonderful, you should enjoy having a read.


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